Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Women's Shoes – Fit Like a Gluv

For stylish, women's shoes that leave you walking on air, the Gluv range are the perfect fit.

Women's shoes can be a love/ hate affair. It's easy to fall in love with a pair of six inch heels then after five minutes of hobbling, hate them. But you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort with the Gluv range of women's shoes. They fit like a glove and look sexy, sophisticated and sleek.

Footwear Fetish? Women and their Shoes

Women love shoes. It's a universal truth. But the trend for excessively high heels could push even the most dedicated follower of fashion over the too high brink. Some women are resorting to crazy extremes including using cosmetic surgery to shorten toes to fit into heels. Although having a pair of killer heels is a staple in our wardrobe, shoes fit for the office, running for the bus, or a trip to the shops need to leave us free of crippling pain. Women's shoes thankfully come in all shapes and sizes, and the evolution of online shoe shops means with cheaper price tags, we can afford to buy a pair of women's shoes for every occasion.

Women's Shoes – Spice Things Up

Women's shoes for big feet may have reached an all time high. Photographs of Posh Spice wearing heels that would trigger vertigo in the vulnerable shows the heights some women's shoes go to. Victoria's penchant for six-inch stilettos may leave most of us in a cold sweat, but she didn't flinch donning a pair at a theme park (the rest of her family wore more sensible trainers). Heels that put your feet at a near vertical angle can damage your posture and your feet. And although it's clear heels are here to stay, it's possible to find a stylish shoe that fits beautifully as well as looks beautiful. The Gluv range prides itself on comfort combined with cute kitten heels, elegant court heels or feminine flats and pumps.

Women's Shoes – Fabulous Footwear

The trend for extreme heels has triggered something of a backlash. Although shoes should never be sensible – you need to fall head over heels in love with women's shoes – the excruciating pain of six-inch heels will quickly turn adoration into despair. Designer leather shoes such as the Gluv range offers a stylish solution for women who lead lives that involve sport, action or just any kind of need to get from A to B without a diversion to the nearest Accident and Emergency unit.

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