Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Kids' Thomas and Friends Shoes - A Runaway Train

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends unite children all over the world – it's no wonder Thomas is a runaway success when it comes to boys' shoes!

There can be fewer things in the world that inspires so many millions of children than Thomas the Tank Engine. As soon as boys reach the age of two, the 'fussy' and 'cheeky' Thomas train seems to trigger obsessional devotion. Trains, cars and motorbikes are at the top of the toy wish-list for Christmas and birthdays – but pity the soul who buys a toddler a train that isn't Thomas. There's only one Thomas the Tank Engine – and kids' Thomas and Friends shoes inspire passions across playgroups all over the land.

Kids' Thomas and Friends Shoes – A Global Classic

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends has been translated into 19 languages and devoured by more than 130 countries. The little train based on the Railway Series of books by the Rev Awdry, has fuelled a fascination with all things Thomas. Kids' Thomas and Friends shoes are just one of the Thomas items children can indulge in – Thomas can be wallpapered across bedrooms, plastered on duvets, and designed for toys and t-shirts. The world of Thomas and friends and the detail on their train carriages, faces and their allotted tasks on the railway fascinate children. Kids' Thomas and Friends shoes will be shoes toddlers and kids will be desperate to wear – no more struggling to get them to put their shoes on against their will. With kids' Thomas and Friends shoes, children will have a real spring in their step. As well as the comfortable English countryside Thomas resides and works in, the steam trains have a traditional and timeless appeal for each generation. Children identify with the friendships and rivalries between Thomas and his friends. And Thomas the Tank Engine is one of the most successful educational resources for parents too – helping children learn to count, tell time, recognise colours, remember names (Gordon, James, Toby, Percy etc.) and learn about emotions too.

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