Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Contact Lenses – UK’s Stylish Eyewear Solution

If your eyesight needs a little help a convenient and comfortable way is with contact lenses – UK retailers and opticians have a wide range to choose from

The idea for contact lenses was first conceived by Leonardo DiVinci in 1508 when he wrote about the possibility of altering the eye’s corneal power by submerging it in water. Rene Descartes suggested an early form of contact lens involving a liquid-filled tube being placed directly on the cornea; however such a device would not allow the wearer to blink so the idea didn’t really take off. Adolf Fick, a German ophthalmologist, created the first wearable contact lenses in 1887 which were made from blown glass. The use of glass however, made them rather uncomfortable so Fick’s lenses never became really popular.

Contemporary Contact Lenses – UK Eyewear Today

Today contact lenses are thankfully made of less harsh substances; silicone hydrogels are used as silicone has a high oxygen permeability which is necessary for healthy eyes, and hydrogels allow lenses to sit comfortably against the cornea. There is a wide choice of products when it comes to contact lenses; UK eyewear retailers and opticians offer a number of options such as daily, two-weekly disposables, monthly disposables, all day-all night lenses, toric daily disposables and monthly disposables. It is also possible to buy cosmetic contact lenses. They are used widely in movies to give actors the appearance of different coloured eyes, or even monstrous eyes in films such as Twilight. There is clearly a great choice when it comes to contact lenses – UK and elsewhere so if you do a little research you should be able to find the right ones to suit you and your lifestyle. 

Benefits of Contact Lenses – UK and Beyond

Contact lenses have a number of benefits to the wearer. Firstly they have an aesthetic advantage for those people who don’t like the bespectacled look. Contact lenses are barely visible and are a convenient alternative to specs, which some people find obstructive and uncomfortable. Contact lenses are now very comfortable as well, unlike in the times of Adolf Fick and his glass-blown lenses, so much so that people often forget that they are wearing them. Finally, contact lenses are an extremely effective method of correcting impaired eyesight. In many people there is a mismatch between the refractive power of the eye and the length of the eye; this leads to a refraction error. A contact lens can neutralise this mismatch and allows for light to focus correctly on the retina. There are clearly some great values to contact lenses; UK residents certainly seem to think so as today they are worn by millions and more people are choosing them as their stylish eyewear solution.  

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