Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Military fashion – will it last?

The last couple of years has seen military fashion hit a high point that it hasn’t seen for a long time. Military coats – often double brested with large buttons have been everywhere throughout the winter and army style shirts have been seen widely on men and women alike.

But is this trend going to last?

Well, fashion is a cyclical thing by definition. Trends come and go and this will be the case with military clothing, footwear and accessories. The best way not to get caught out is to use elements of military style as parts of your outfits, rather than go whole hog and end up looking like an unfashionable squaddie abandoned on a high street.

Wear a peaked army hat with jeans and a top, or a khaki shirt accessorised with a necklace or neckerchief to add colour and other elements to your look. This way you can keep your military wear in circulation whatever the current trends are. 

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