Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Opening your Eyes to the Benefits of Monthly Contact Lenses

With monthly contact lenses, you can say goodbye to obstructed vision when your glasses fall down your nose, or it rains and the only thing you can see is your vision slowly clouding over.
Lenses are the perfect alternative to bulky glasses and the long-term benefits both to your wellbeing and the environment are a welcome bonus.
Whether you have always worn glasses or your eyes have slowly deteriorated due to age or illness, monthly contact lenses may be the option for you.
Often people delay purchasing glasses because they’re too bulky or yet another thing you have to remember to slip in your pocket everyday as you leave the house. Do you too want an alternative to wearing glasses around your neck, or having to retrieve them from their case every time you need to read small print? Monthly contact lenses may be for you. They can be delivered to your door, in easy to open, recyclable packaging for a price that’s right for you.
The Changing Colours of Monthly Contact Lenses
What about the lense-wearers who enjoy keeping up with the latest trends? Monthly contact lenses give you the freedom to change your eye colour monthly, weekly or even daily. Why not try a mixed pack of fashion contact lenses with a variety of ‘Aqua Blue’, ‘Forest Green’ and ‘Gateau Brown’ contact lenses and change them to suit your mood?
Daily or Monthly Contact Lenses
For those of you who are already convinced of the benefits of contact lenses but currently change them daily, with monthly contact lenses you can save time and energy by only changing them once every four weeks. The time saved from your daily routine over the course of a month could mean an extra-long shower, a much needed shave or if you’d prefer extra 15 minutes shut-eye! Monthly contact lenses are comfortable and come with an additional protective moisture layer to ensure they don’t dry out and cause irritation. In the spirit of Green Britain, changing your lenses once a month rather than daily will also mean significantly less packaging and ultimately you’re contributing to the well-being of our environment on a daily basis.
Not only are monthly contact lenses easy, convenient and value for money – they also help to save the planet and update your wardrobe!
Having said all that, sometimes for no other reason than preference, people like to wear glasses. As spectacles have become more and more fashionable over the years, there is an ever-expanding range of glasses becoming more and more light-weight and stylish.

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