Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Shoes – a passion for footwear

Shoes, boots and trainers are essential wardrobe items, so what inspires the passion for footwear?

The UK market for footwear has grown over recent years as a wide range of retailers fight for the right to supply us with shoes. From specialist shoe shops to supermarkets, there’s certainly no shortage of places to shop. In addition, the availability of cheaper shoes from overseas that sport great designs as well as great prices has made the market competitive, which means that people who are passionate about shoes have plenty to choose from.

A girly obsession with shoes

Shoes have always been attractive to women because they decorate the feet, making them look and feel great. Shoes were once a sign of wealth and position – the more elaborate and finely-decorated your shoes, the higher up the social class you were. Today, we are more egalitarian and if you can afford a beautiful pair of shoes, they’re yours no matter who you are. Equally, if you can’t afford the very best, you can still find fantastic looking shoes at great prices. For girls who are obsessed with having a pair of shoes for every occasion, bargain footwear is a real blessing. Many celebrities have admitted to a shoe obsession, from Imelda Marcos to Kelly Osborne, but everyday women also have their shoe collections to be proud of. From simple black court shoes to cowboy boots and trainers, there are plenty of shoes out there to feed your passion.

Are men’s shoes catching up?

It’s easy to say that the shoe obsession is largely a female phenomenon, but just as the men’s fashion market has grown over recent years, so has the male shoe market. Designers create a wide range of shoes, boots and trainers for men, giving them far more choice than ever before when it comes to shoes for work and leisure. Younger men today are far more conscious about their footwear than they used to be; buying their shoes and trainers by designer or brand rather than just on how they look or how much they cost. Whilst there aren’t too many men that admit to having a passion for shoes, men are certainly paying more attention than ever before to the shoes they choose to wear.

This ongoing love of choice and style in footwear including shoes, boots and trainers means that retailers and designers will be competing to offer the best range of shoes at the best prices, which can only be good news for those who have a real obsession with shoes.

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