Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Shoes that stand the test of time

There are new shoe brands on the market every month, but established brands retain their appeal.

Shoes may be a big part of the fashion industry and the be-all and end-all for footwear obsessives, but the truth is that we all need access to good footwear and we can’t all afford to pay designer prices. Shoes are a necessity and whilst we may be able to get years of wear out of our favourite boots or trainers, we’ll always need to update our show wardrobe. That’s when we look not just for the new designers, but the brands we can rely on.

Shoes – brand appeal

When you’re buying new shoes, what do you look for? For some people, it’s the latest designer styles, or the latest trend – lined boots, branded trainers or hot colours. For others, however, it’s a trusted brand – one that’s been making shoes for years and still turns out great value, great looking shoes:

  • Converse – Converse has been making its “All-Star” boot since the turn of the twentieth century and they’re still selling strong. Designed for basketball players but now worn by anybody and everybody, the simple styling and comfort appeals to a wide audience. Whether you buy the traditional black hi-tops or one of the funky new colours or designs, you know you’re getting great quality shoes.

  • Dr Martens – once the preserve of the anti-establishment, and after a period of relative inactivity, Dr Martens are back with a vengeance. Adopted as the footwear of choice by a whole range of subcultures from Mods to Grunge fans, the original Dr Martens are still incredibly popular, largely because they are comfortable to wear and look great no matter what they’re teamed with. Dr Martens’ range of shoes has been extended recently with their trademark boots available in bright solid colours as well as appealing patterns.

Whilst brands like these have fans returning time after time for new shoes, there are up and coming designers and manufacturers who are capturing their own slice of the market. Top end high street designers such as Ted Baker, Evisu and Hugo Boss all provide their own range of shoes and some of those will be classics just as Converse and Dr Martens are today. Who knows which of today’s shoes, boots or trainers will stand the test of time and become modern-day classics?

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