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Rolex watches – a glossary of terms Part II

Make sure you know your terminology when you discuss Rolex watches

Rolex watches – terms beginning with M - continued
Mineral glass is a watch glass that has been tempered to increase its scratch resistance. The minute repeater is a complication on a watch that can strike the time in hours, quarters, or seconds by means of a push piece. The moon phase is an indicator that keeps track of the phases of the moon. A regular rotation of the moon is once around the earth every 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes. Once set, the moon phase indicator accurately displays the phase of the moon.  Movement describes the inner workings or assembly that make up the main timekeeping mechanism. Movements are either quartz or mechanical, and this is the engine of the watch.
Rolex watches 0 to R

is a type of Rolex watch invented in 1926 and so called because of its shape. At the time it was described as ‘the first waterproof, airtight and dustproof watch’.  A perpetual rotor converts the movement of the wrist into energy that can be stored and powers the watch.  A Quartz watch is a watch which is powered by a battery. A Rolesor is a stainless steel and 18ct gold case and bracelet on a Rolex watch.

Rolex watches – terms beginning with S

Sapphire Crystal
is a transparent crystal frequently used in watch making due to its resistance to scratching. The screw-in crown seals the crown against the case and aids water resistance.  Some recent Rolex watches have solid end links on the bracelet.  A subdial is a smaller dial within the face on a Chronograph to display other functions, such as the date. The Sun/Moon Indicator is a wheel visible on the dial of a watch displaying the sun and moon over a 24 hour period.

Rolex watches – terms beginning with T
The Tachymeter is often used in the motor industry to measure the speed of a car over a specific distance.  On a watch it functions via a scale on the bezel of a chronograph.  Average speeds or hourly production rates can be calculated over a period of observation of less than 60 seconds.  Titanium is a stronger and lighter metal than stainless steel (the most common material used for watches) and is being used increasingly.  
Rolex watches U to Z
Beware a watch described as waterproof as this would not be the case - no watch is considered 100% waterproof and watches can’t be termed as such. They should rather be described as water resistant.  A watch classed as water resistant is able to withstand splashes of water, eg. in the kitchen or in the rain, but can’t be used for swimming or diving.  Diving watches are classified as "water resistant to 200 meters" to indicate the depth to which they can withstand pressure.

Rolex watches – a glossary of terms

Make sure you know your terminology when you discuss Rolex watches

Rolex watches from A to B
Automatic Movement is a watch with a mechanical movement that does not need to be wound regularly.  Its power comes from the movement of your wrist as you wear it. The Bezel is the ring around the dial of the watch. Often it has other functions, as is the case with a Bi-directional Rotating Bezel.  
Rolex watches – terms beginning with C
Calibre is the size and configuration of the movement inside the watch.  A Chronograph is a watch with 3 subdials within the larger dial. These are used to display other functions of the watch such as a stopwatch.  The Chronometer is a standard set by the Official Watch Institute of Switzerland. The watch will have been rigorously tested for its accuracy at various temperatures and in different atmospheres.  A Cosmograph is the same as a Chronograph, except that the tachymeter function is found on the bezel of the watch.  The glass on a watch can be made of Plexi Glass (a synthetic crystal) or Sapphire Crystal, depending upon its make and age.
Rolex watches from D to G
A Dual Time Zone watch can display at least 2 time zones by means of a subdial or an extra hand.  The End of Life indicates the end of life of a battery within a quartz watch by successive jumps of the seconds hand of 4 seconds, or a flashing digital display.  Frequency is the number of vibrations a second in hertz.  The Flyback hand is a seconds hand on a chronograph that is used to determine lap or finishing times.  GMT or Greenwich Mean Time is used as universal standard time.
Rolex watches from H to L

The Helium Escape Valve is a decompression system allowing helium to escape from inside the watch.  Horology is the art and study of watch making. Within a mechanical watch the Jewels are used as bearings.  Most watches with mechanical movements will contain at least 17 jewels.  The Lugs can be found on the case, where the bracelet or strap is joined.

Rolex watches – terms beginning with M

Mechanical describes a movement with a balance wheel., and a mechanical movement is a movement based on a mainspring which is wound by hand -  when wound, it slowly unwinds the spring in an even motion. An automatic mechanical requires no winding because of the rotor, which winds the mainspring every time you move your body.  Military or 24-hour time is time is measured in 24-hour segments. To convert 12-hour time into 24-hour time, simply add 12 to any p.m. time. To convert 24-hour time into 12-hour time, subtract 12 from any time from 13 to 24.

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Designer Clothes - Top Designers Combine to Highlight African Plight

Designer clothing and the war-torn African country of Angola are rarely seen to have much in common. World famous fashion designer Nicole Farhi recently released a range of designer clothes to highlight Angola’s plight.

Nicole Farhi is a big name in the designer clothing industry and, according to a Christian Aid press release, she has teamed up with respected artist, John Keane, in order to create a range of designer clothes with the intention of bringing attention to the situation in the war torn African country of Angola. The aim of the designer clothing range is to help the millions of children who are suffering as a result of civil unrest in Angola and it is hoped that the designer clothes will create international interest and, in turn, provide much needed aid to the Angolan children. Mens designer clothes from Seasons Clothing and other places is normally just for fashion, but here fashion is extra beneficial thanks to the efforts of a number of people.

Designer Clothing - Fashion for a Good Cause

The fashion and art world are combining in their endeavours for a good cause as designer clothes designer, Nicole Farhi and artist John Keane have come together to use their talents to create a range of designer clothing to bring attention to the plight of millions of Angolan children. According to the Christian Aid press release, the designer clothing range incorporates prints created by John Keane being emblazoned on a variety of designer clothes, ranging from men’s shirts to various fashion accessories, designed by Nicole Farhi. Speaking to Christian Aid, designer clothing stalwart, Farhi, states, “I felt very strongly that I wanted to get involved with a charity that helps innocent children caught up in conflict. It was very exciting to work with John Keane, an artist of such integrity and talent, on this designer clothing project.”

Designer Clothes - Playing Their Part

The special designer clothing collection created by John Keane and Nicole Farhi on behalf of Christian Aid is expected to play an important role in showcasing the tribulations of daily life for millions of children in Angola. The designer clothes will be sold with profits being utilised to benefit Angolan charities. PR manager for Christian Aid, Karen Hedger, states, “This is a very powerful exhibition and to have such a high profile designer helping us to highlight our vital work in Angola is fantastic.  Half of the Angolan population is under the age of 16, the majority of whom live in terrible conditions.  It is a country rich in resources, yet after five years of peace millions of children are still unable to access even basic education and healthcare.” So, designer clothing and designer clothes are having their part to play in alleviating the suffering of Angolan children.

Rowing Machines – Training for a Lifetime Adventure

Rowing can take you on an adventure on the high seas from the Atlantic to the Pacific. But never underestimate the sea – rowing machines will help ensure you’re at optimum fitness.

It’s understandable why amateur and professional rowers have an urge to take to the sea. The ocean is powerful, mysterious, challenging and provides the ultimate adventure, complete with danger and the very real risk to life. So training on rowing machines is crucial as part of overall fitness regimes for ocean rowers, as well as circuit training and, of course, rowing on the open waves. Of course rowing machines can never match the real power and spontaneity of ocean rowing, but they can help you reach optimum fitness fast.

Rowing machines – training indoors for the outdoors

For anyone who is used to training on rowing machines indoors, away from the harshness and extremities of the ocean, it can be a massive psychological leap. Dealing with squalls and sharks can be terrifying. But for ocean rower Roz Savage, her love of the sport is rooted in rowing across oceans solo. Salt water sores, blisters, dehydration and epic ocean journeys may sound crazy; rowing across the Atlantic is a punishing challenge but such colossal challenges proves to athletes they are self-sufficient with the ability to achieve in the face of extremity. Rowing machines offer a crucial training apparatus – but such challenges demand psychological strength too.

The body and the soul of sport

In an interview with Roz Savage in The Observer Sport, she was asked if rowing solo across the ocean made her crazy: “My usual answer is that I feel a lot more sane now than I did in the days when I put on a suit and went to work in an office.” Training on rowing machines, getting herself physically fit and even putting on weight in preparation for such challenges is crucial. The idea of going alone into a harsh environment is one that has endured for millennia as people search out spiritual enlightenment or renewal.

Rowing machines – training for adventure

With the right training regime using rowing machines and general circuit training, the fact is anyone can take on an extreme challenge. Before tackling oceans single-handed, Roz Savage studied law, and then worked as an IT project manager in an investment bank. She was married, wealthy and successful but, she said, not happy. So she quit office life, became a divorcee, and began taking on adventures and challenges. Losing her possessions and materialist trappings, she found, she said, freedom. From there, she followed her heart, started training on rowing machines, and set her sights on conquering the Atlantic.
As Roz told the Observer, rowing is more than just a sport: “There are things that are worth being afraid of, like pain or death, but failure or ridicule, these things aren't going to hurt you, or at least not physically. I suppose I reached a point where other things in my life became more important than those fears…Life can be so fulfilling if you can only figure out what it is that you want.”

Need Menswear? Online Stores Provide Hassle Free Shopping

For hassle free menswear, online retailers have taken the 'shop' out of shopping for men who just can't stand the hassle.

Most men dread the Saturday afternoons when the other half drags them into every single shop on the high street until they find something that they like.  Of course, it would be impossible to pin-point exactly what they are looking for because the way that men and women shop is very different. When  it comes to shopping for menswear, online retailers have really hit the nail on the head.    

It is certainly true that men 'buy', and women 'shop' – there is a distinct difference between the two.  Men will buy when they need something and women will shop when they feel like buying something.  This contrasting mentality is the main reason why shop departments for womenswear have always been more prominent than menswear – online clothing stores are changing this dramatically. 

Purchasing menswear online offers a completely different shopping experience than physically walking into a shop.  The main observation you could make is the presence of other people - buying menswear online eliminates other shoppers, large crowds, check-out queues, the intense heat of shop floor lighting and of course, the influences of visual merchandising. 

Clever visual merchandising has a direct effect on the way people manoeuvre around a shop floor.  It can impact what they buy and can influence them to purchase additional matching items.  Buying menswear online gives shoppers the freedom to browse without in-store pressure.  

The Growth of Designer Menswear

Online retailers for designer womenswear has always been significantly larger than the market for designer menswear.  Online retailers are changing the face of this today.  The shopping patterns of men and women are merging together as internet shopping becomes more popular during the recession. 

It is clear that footballers, film and TV stars, and iconic celebrities have swayed the very direction of designer menswear.  Online retailers have helped to shape the way that everyone shops, men included.  The theory that “men buy and women shop” will always be evident, but the twenty first century has seen men and women come together in their shopping approaches. 

Clothing websites now have dedicated designer sections, featuring up-to-the-minute clothes that are emulated from the catwalk and our style icons.  As this becomes a regular feature in both womeswear and menswear, online shopping activity will continue to expand. 

Whilst high street stores face administration, online clothing stores see an incredible soar in sales.  Now, both men and women are shopping, rather than just buying.