Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rolex watches – a glossary of terms Part II

Make sure you know your terminology when you discuss Rolex watches

Rolex watches – terms beginning with M - continued
Mineral glass is a watch glass that has been tempered to increase its scratch resistance. The minute repeater is a complication on a watch that can strike the time in hours, quarters, or seconds by means of a push piece. The moon phase is an indicator that keeps track of the phases of the moon. A regular rotation of the moon is once around the earth every 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes. Once set, the moon phase indicator accurately displays the phase of the moon.  Movement describes the inner workings or assembly that make up the main timekeeping mechanism. Movements are either quartz or mechanical, and this is the engine of the watch.
Rolex watches 0 to R

is a type of Rolex watch invented in 1926 and so called because of its shape. At the time it was described as ‘the first waterproof, airtight and dustproof watch’.  A perpetual rotor converts the movement of the wrist into energy that can be stored and powers the watch.  A Quartz watch is a watch which is powered by a battery. A Rolesor is a stainless steel and 18ct gold case and bracelet on a Rolex watch.

Rolex watches – terms beginning with S

Sapphire Crystal
is a transparent crystal frequently used in watch making due to its resistance to scratching. The screw-in crown seals the crown against the case and aids water resistance.  Some recent Rolex watches have solid end links on the bracelet.  A subdial is a smaller dial within the face on a Chronograph to display other functions, such as the date. The Sun/Moon Indicator is a wheel visible on the dial of a watch displaying the sun and moon over a 24 hour period.

Rolex watches – terms beginning with T
The Tachymeter is often used in the motor industry to measure the speed of a car over a specific distance.  On a watch it functions via a scale on the bezel of a chronograph.  Average speeds or hourly production rates can be calculated over a period of observation of less than 60 seconds.  Titanium is a stronger and lighter metal than stainless steel (the most common material used for watches) and is being used increasingly.  
Rolex watches U to Z
Beware a watch described as waterproof as this would not be the case - no watch is considered 100% waterproof and watches can’t be termed as such. They should rather be described as water resistant.  A watch classed as water resistant is able to withstand splashes of water, eg. in the kitchen or in the rain, but can’t be used for swimming or diving.  Diving watches are classified as "water resistant to 200 meters" to indicate the depth to which they can withstand pressure.

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