Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Designer Clothes - Top Designers Combine to Highlight African Plight

Designer clothing and the war-torn African country of Angola are rarely seen to have much in common. World famous fashion designer Nicole Farhi recently released a range of designer clothes to highlight Angola’s plight.

Nicole Farhi is a big name in the designer clothing industry and, according to a Christian Aid press release, she has teamed up with respected artist, John Keane, in order to create a range of designer clothes with the intention of bringing attention to the situation in the war torn African country of Angola. The aim of the designer clothing range is to help the millions of children who are suffering as a result of civil unrest in Angola and it is hoped that the designer clothes will create international interest and, in turn, provide much needed aid to the Angolan children. Mens designer clothes from Seasons Clothing and other places is normally just for fashion, but here fashion is extra beneficial thanks to the efforts of a number of people.

Designer Clothing - Fashion for a Good Cause

The fashion and art world are combining in their endeavours for a good cause as designer clothes designer, Nicole Farhi and artist John Keane have come together to use their talents to create a range of designer clothing to bring attention to the plight of millions of Angolan children. According to the Christian Aid press release, the designer clothing range incorporates prints created by John Keane being emblazoned on a variety of designer clothes, ranging from men’s shirts to various fashion accessories, designed by Nicole Farhi. Speaking to Christian Aid, designer clothing stalwart, Farhi, states, “I felt very strongly that I wanted to get involved with a charity that helps innocent children caught up in conflict. It was very exciting to work with John Keane, an artist of such integrity and talent, on this designer clothing project.”

Designer Clothes - Playing Their Part

The special designer clothing collection created by John Keane and Nicole Farhi on behalf of Christian Aid is expected to play an important role in showcasing the tribulations of daily life for millions of children in Angola. The designer clothes will be sold with profits being utilised to benefit Angolan charities. PR manager for Christian Aid, Karen Hedger, states, “This is a very powerful exhibition and to have such a high profile designer helping us to highlight our vital work in Angola is fantastic.  Half of the Angolan population is under the age of 16, the majority of whom live in terrible conditions.  It is a country rich in resources, yet after five years of peace millions of children are still unable to access even basic education and healthcare.” So, designer clothing and designer clothes are having their part to play in alleviating the suffering of Angolan children.

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