Friday, 30 March 2012

G-Star RAW is here to stay

Iconic brand G-Star’s RAW collection has inspired a new generation of fashion enthusiasts.

Although G-Star is a well-established brand, it’s still converting new fans every day – and the RAW collection is one of the reasons. Focusing on denim, and later branching out into other clothing categories, G-Star has maintained its image as a cutting-edge design house and has enhanced its clothing collections by collaborating with other leading brands to make sure that everything that’s G-Star branded is that little bit different.

What’s the G-Star RAW collection?

It’s over 10 years since the launch of the G-Star RAW denim line, which has had a huge impact on the general denim market. RAW is all about using denim to its very best, taking the raw material and using designs and innovative washings to let the fabric speak for itself. The initial denim collection has had such an impact, that G-Star now offers a much wider range of clothing, both denim-led and brand advertising, such as RAW-labelled t-shirts and shirts. The way the denim is cut and treated has created whole new styles of denim-wear that have changed the way that many of us look at traditional denim clothing.

G-Star RAW Crossover

As if the collections themselves weren’t popular enough, G-Star has initiated several crossover projects, including:

  • RAW Defender – in 2005, G-Star worked with Land Rover to produce a limited edition RAW Defender. It’s a vehicle that represents the best of both worlds – the specification and performance of one of the world’s top 4x4 vehicles, with the style of the G-Star RAW collection. The colour was formulated specially for G-Star, and several design details were added, such as the brown leatherette roof, specialist finishes and the G-Star RAW logo.

  • RAW Ferry – taking the boat-trip to a designer extreme, G-Star have taken an original 1927 Central Station ferry from Amsterdam and turned it into a luxury boat for up to 25 guests. Using the RAW denim brand, the company has created a boat which has both grace and style. High quality raw materials such as leather, wood and canvas were used to great effect, along with the G-Star RAW branding.

  • RAW Bike – in partnership with American bike company Cannondale, G-Star have embarked on another crossover project. The new RAW bike is stylish and practical, with brown tyres and a brown leather seat, sporting the G-Star RAW logo.
G-Star is clearly setting out to make their brand one of the most adventurous in the fashion business. Be a part of the adventure by adding G-Star to your own collection today. 

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