Friday, 16 December 2011

Men’s clothes for stylish holidays

Whether you’re planning a holiday in the height of summer, or you’re looking ahead to winter sun that chases the blues away, you’ll need to think about what to pack. Men’s clothes have gone through a real revolution over the past 10-15 years, which means that men can follow fashion just as closely as women when it comes to what to wear on the beach.

Men’s clothes – a summer revival

We all look forward to the days when we can reject chunky sweaters in favour of shorts and cooler t-shirts and shirts. If nothing else, it makes packing easier, and we can enjoy looking great by mixing and matching a range of men’s clothing by the latest designers, including:

• Ted Baker – with shorts that come to just above the knee in cool cotton and linen, and t-shirts with that distinctive laid-back Ted Baker look, you can invest in men’s clothes for the summer that will set you back less than you think and still look great. Add in some swimwear and sunglasses and you’re ready to go.

• Lyle and Scott – the recognisable eagle logo that perches on all Lyle and Scott men’s clothes defines the man who likes quality and comfort. Add a couple of Lyle and Scott’s classic polo shirts to your suitcase this summer.

• Henleys – loved for their funky t-shirts, Henleys is a great brand of men’s clothes for the summer. Take a look at their latest range and pair with shorts or good quality jeans for a great look.

• G-Star – The RAW brand from G-Star is one of the summer’s must-haves. New designs in high quality cotton are being snapped up and are the ideal choice for a man who cares about what he wears on holiday. Team t-shirts with a G-Star canvas belt or layer with a G-Star shirt and mens military boots for cooler evenings.

As far as men’s clothes are concerned, there’s no excuse for not looking great when you go away. With a wide range of choice at the designer end of the market, at prices you can afford, ditch your old summer gear and have fun buying a whole new range of summer men’s clothes that will make look and feel fantastic.

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